Apr 14, 2008

moving house

catch me if you can

Jan 19, 2008


new job
new boss
new environment
new women

tight schedule.

Jan 5, 2008

Letter from ME to ME

Perfect love sounds real nice
But that never seemed to happen with any relationship of mine,
It was always up and down,
and after the last goodbye,i still din't know what it was about.

Am not a perfect person and there are so many things i wish i din't do,
but i continue to learn...

You came into my life with out judging me
and accepted me for who and what i am,
Made sure that i do not stray off the side walk,
made sure that i could trust you holding my hand through a dark alley
with my eyes blind folded.

The closer i get to you,
the more you make me see that,
by giving me all you've got,
your love has captured me.

They say,if you always do what you've always done,
you'll always get the same ol' stuff

Love for sure is like most things in life;
not all good,not all bad
but you have not chosen the best,
but a good thing so that you can mould it into the best.
i pray it gets better as we grow.

It gets hard some times
but that will not take away the dreams i have for the two of us.

Am sorry if i ever hurt you in anyway
and it's something i must live with every day
and if ever, i put you through any pain, i wish i could take that away
becouse i want to be the one to wipe your tears and catch your fears.

I could drive so many times round and round but,
i will always wind up at your Door
I have found a reason to live,
a reason to start each day with a smile
and end each day with a bigger smile
A reason to start a new life

The new life is one i din't know of,
you, Ed, are that reason.
i love you.

Dec 17, 2007

Men and Women

Was talking to afriend of mine the other day who thinks that there's afundermental difference in the way men and women see things lately
Their tastes are different.
Women's tastes in life are material,and the men's taste in life is aWOMAN.
And by taste i mean-the things that we desire.
Forexample,Men have nice cars not becouse they like nice cars but becouse they know women like nice cars... men are hunters,and the car is the bait.
becouse they know what women want,they purposely own it so that one day when awoman says 'nice ride', she instantly becomes aprospect and the first thing that runs through the man's head is- ".. gotcha".

Then, there is awoman's place.
that,awoman's place is always comfortable, that women just love mental,physical,financial ease,peace of mind generally and so they will always look for confortable sorroundings.
come to think of it- if aman can fuck awoman on acardboard,he wouldn't need to build ahouse.i wouldn't! for what?
but becouse i know my chase will be eased if i own a tele, refrigerator, abed (with sheets,2 pillows,can you imagine, 2 of them-for what?)
I can do with out this shit,honestly,i don't need agas cooker coz i can eat out. but she does, apparently,she wants to eat her own cooked meal,uh.

then, there are women who write books about men they don't even know about.
they don't know what the fuck they'r even talking about,but they want to give advice to other women.
look...that's not true. they are only 4.
suck his dick
fix him asandwich
let him smoke inside the house
and don't talk too much,and aman will be happy.

Those books and magazines not only trick them but also pick on their self esteem.
each page my girlfriend turns makes her feel farter... and uglier... and she starts feeling as if her cloths are not good enough. they basically have her forgetting how fuckin' beautiful she is. and if her p%$&# was a stack,there would be asharp fall, all becouse she's giving away too easily.

women are also so confusing,i don't know if its also in their tastes and preferences to be there all the time confusing men..
They confuse me out of my psyche i tell you.
practical example....
I'am chilling at the bar(10bells already gone down) and this fine 'thing' walks past, i know she's fine when half her ass is popping out of her dress (ooh), her tits still pointing at me even after she has passed, and on her way back from the 'ladies' i can't control my self i say- DAMN NICE ASS. chick turns around, very mad and says- 'hey peace o shit just becouse am dressed this way doesn't make me ahoooker'!
its true...she's totally right Gentlemen...just becouse she (they) are dressed acertain way, doesn't mean they are a certain way.
but ladies, you must understand that,...that is FUCKIN' confusing.
that would be like me walking around the streets in police uniform and if some one runs up on me asking for help,i bust out in anger...just becouse am dressed this way,does not make me astupid police constable. you understand?

I said to her
...am sorry, yo not ahooker, but, yo dressed in ahookers uniform. so, forgive me coz mis-understandings are bound to happen.

and men,we misunderstand women alot,some men undermine women's feelings, which is not good at all becouse feelings are very important to women,everything of theirs is based on how they "feel"
you can hear it when they tell stories.
When aman is telling astory it will be just facts- who,did what,with who,when,how and where. forexample,'it was me and james at the bar looking for young campus girls to get laid with'.( just strategy,no feelings) but women tell stories with all these feelings 'like- first of all you have to understand that iam in my periods and i feel insecure ever since i introduced you to my friend Ann...'

Dec 10, 2007

2007 Englands worst nightmare.

The year 2007 will go down in history as one of their worst years.
Too much walala, too little talent...

Starting with cricket
the Twenty20 cricket world cup.
promising, much hyped...they could not even go past the super 6 stage.

Lewis Carl Hamilton

The formular one rukee was making History untill the last day.
Hamilton who turned 22 on jan 07 this year was seen as agod among men by the english after winning the 2007 canadian,United states,Hungarian,the Japaneese and the British(home) grand prix which saw him with 107 pts.but the championship was to be decided at the Brazilian Grand Prix-the seventeenth and last race of the 2007 Formula One season which was later won by Kimi Räikkönen(ferrrari) in an incredible twist of events.Lewis Hamilton, who held a four point lead in the championship, suffered a series of problems during the final race, finishing 7th and losing the championship to Räikkönen by a single point and 'behind Big names'like Felipe Massa (Ferrari),mark webber(redbull-renault)Nick Heidfeld (BMW Sauber)Jarno Trulli's Toyota, Ralf Schumacher (Toyota)and team mate Fernando Alonso McLaren-Mercedes among others.

Rugby world cup

Having been walloped 37,0 by South Africa in their first group game,England went from weakness to strength promising that it would defend their world cup trophy. however S.A proved their nemesis again thwarting their already hopeless chances in the finals and South Africa became the second SANZAR side to win two titles, following Australia, who won in 1991 and 1999.
The english lost their cup.


It all started at the ATP Masters series which is an elite tour for professional tennis where the 'wanna be' English tennis star Andy Murray failed miserably in the fourth round after losing in 5 sets to Nadal, (6(3)-7(7), 6-4, 4-6, 6-3, 6-1)..
...Same year that has seen Tim Henman retiring after astring of terrible performances in this jinxed year.


With the so called premiership 'world class stars' on the English team, England still failed to qualify for UEFA Euro 2008.

Agree or not,these guys had avery good team, including but not limited to the liverpool skipper Steven George Gerald, Chelsea and England's capi John Terry,Manchester united 'wonder boy' Wayne Rooney and apop star husband David Beckam,

They were nipped to qualification by minnows Croatia and soccer Under dogs Russia.

Lastly but not least...
Boxing sunday morning (9th dec 07)
"Every body loves Ricky Hatton..."

Much talked about,much punished.
A professional boxer who has a record of 39-0 (25 KOs or TKOs),rated by The Ring magazine as the number-one pound-for-pound boxer in the world. Mayweather has won six world boxing championships in five different weight classes, and he was the WBC welterweight champion and you gon say..."what a fluke that was"? "he was smarter than i thought he was"...? Dude,the man beat Oscar 'golden boy'Delahoya and Bernard "The Executioner" Hopkins almost to death, what were you thinking? His father, Floyd Mayweather, Sr., is a former welterweight contender. One of his uncles, Jeff Mayweather, is a former IBO super featherweight champion. Another uncle, former two-division world champion Roger Mayweather, is Mayweather Jr.'s current trainer. If i were you Hatton,i would have first read my opponents biography before starting any shit.
I blame yo white manchester homeys who din't warn you against sniping at aflashy black boy....

Floyd 'pretty boy' Mayweather simply could not stand losing to awhite boy period.
Both fighters went into the MGM Grand Garden Arena undefeated.
The 'hitman' went into the ring cheered on by thausands of fans that had made the journey from Britain and when the fight started he led an early charge with his busy fights that pushed 'pretty boy' mayweather into the corners, but as the fight went on,Mayweather's class began to show.
Hatton was outboxed and outclassed in the later rounds,and when the end came it was brutal...the 'hitman' was sentflying into the ringpost with ahammer of the left hook,as he bounced back into Mayweather's line of fire,the Briton was floored for the final time.

....and the English lost again.

Dec 5, 2007

A thank you might just get you some more!

(Location: my bed room)
(Listening to:Golden eye-tina turner )

A friend of mine was telling me the other day how he hates women who don't appreciate shit, especially a good lay. According to him, if he spent the whole night making you feel good, its only fair that you give back by at least saying "thanks honey, that was great" or some shit like that. He hates it sooo much when she doesn't show any appreciation, that he never wants to hook her up no more.
i think my boy is right.
check this out- human beings naturally like to be flattered, they like to be told how smart they are, how beautiful they look, how much you like her smile, u know? if you don't believe me try telling a woman you like her dress or the way she smells and I bet you, she’ll ask you to describe what you mean and if yo lucky she just might let you do it in private, preferably at yo place.

I met this girl a few months ago and i think there is some thing wrong with her manners, either she din't go through the right schools or the problem is with the people who raised her.
my friend just won't say "thank you"...whether its something nice you've bought her or a 'good day' text messange... wapi,she ain'never gon say "thank you"! and it kills me,it kills me that she doesn't appreciate anything i do for her. makes me want to just stop,just stop giving her anything..problem is...i like her,i like this girl men. and where i grew up,when you like some one and wish them the best,you prove it,you demostrate yo care by getting them something nice, and thats exactly what i do...i buy her stuff,take to places she likes going to.but now am starting to feel like my efforts are being frastrated by her meanness and unthankfulness.
i swear am this close,this close to liking someone else.

Kony runs mad.
(LRA rebel boss goes bonkers, chases away all his 14 wives after eating Otti's whopper)

Dec 3, 2007

while you were away

Did you know that Osama's men were here? yep they were in town to grace the Queens visit. according to ugandas leading daily, bin ladens buddys highjacked the UBC van and messed up the signals,explains why i wasn't able to catch the Queens speech live, i wonder where George Maison (kulayigye)and Jack bower (kaihura)were.

Moslems don't take shit
Some chick (british teacher) is sentenced to 40 strokes of the cane and 15days in jail for letting her pupil name a teddy bear Muhammed.
Am going to talk to my sheik this coming Eid (eid Aduha around 27th Dec) about this tight rule in islam, wan't to be sure this whole teddy bear thing provides adequate ground for 40wallops, what do you think wama?

This dude still has tremendous support in Zimbabwe,the zimbabwean citizens still 'feel' this old guy, i mean, its amazing and at the same time confusing...
did you see that enormous crown that herded his nomination? it was amazing. according to what i saw- it was as if the whole of zimbabwe was behind this guy...

According to most analysts his administration's policies have led to economic collapse and massive starvation over the course of the last ten years. Zimbabwe has the highest inflation rate in the world predicted to hit 1.5 million % by the end of 2007, and is, according to the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa, Africa's worst economic performer. With a record 85 % unemployment and ~8000 % inflation rates, Zimbabwe is in its worst economic crisis since Mugabe took power. His government has been accused of being racist by among others British Foreign Office Minister Peter Hain, senior Zimbabwean Roman Catholic bishops and our own (ugandan)John Sentamu, the Archbishop of York. However, Mugabe is considered by many members of the African public a hero of the fight for independence and his land policies are just winning him more and more admiration from his pips.
During the nominations, he was given afew minutes to say some and i quote " Zimbabwe is no longer under British rule but they are always in their STUPID parliament discussing us"
It is believed by my self and some of my workmates (the cleaners to be specific)that mugabe has support from china, SA and most African countrys. i dont want to sound racist but really-if there is not enough land for the natives why don't the whites just go else where.

Last evening (sunday) i confirmed my worst fears...
i fear monday like a primary school pupil, that's not just the day kiboko(caning) resumes but you know its gon be avery long week and chances of NOT getting caned are...0%

Did you hear that....my boss's voice
"sla, this is the Boss, pliz come to the Diary room"

Nov 28, 2007

till then

Ladies and Gentlemen, am sorry to inform you that the writer will be away from technology for some time. any inconviniences are highly regreted. yours management.

Exam time
Dude gotta pass

Nov 20, 2007

part of letter to afriend.

....yes, try registered mail i'm sure its safer.

and yah,will be there.

oh, by the way, Dal,did i tell you the whole world is here?,in my country? i think even yo president is coming,that's if you guys are among the common wealth countries.

i'm happy about it coz my city looks clean now,unlike before,they have sooo cleaned up, no street kids, no beggers, the roads are smooth,the green...its beautiful. you know how you clean up the living room when yo expecting visitors but the other rooms in the house and back yard are like shit,yah...thats what is happening here. the city is mwhaa... we are expecting 53 heads of states with Queen Elizabeth II as the guess of honour,i have to be on the streets and see this powerful 81 year old woman when she comes today. can't miss i tell you,what will i tell my kids? that i missed the only chance to see the Queen,how?

every one is ready for Chogm,prostitutes too,they are so ready they have hiked the fares,yep,they bought new mini skirts,new lotions,lip stick i hear they have even stocked on tablets for high bloodpressure,just in case the big bellied boys over 'do' and get an attack,there is remedy at the scene.
it explains why there is no more cheap service lately(i hear).
we have asaying in my language that "atalina sente tafumita kyindaazi" meaning-the one who doesn't have enough money doesn't point at the best Donut. they pick for him,has no say on whether he likes it or not. a no choice kinda situation,you know what am saying. so,it seems 'it's' only going to be for dem high-ups who will afford 'it'.

i think so far am loving the whole Chogm thing that's going,i am a "come on in" kinda guy,you know,i like visitors,new people around,people of different colors,people from different parts of the world,all gathering here in my city ah,good thing i tell you, though i don't know how succesful it is going to be,or how helpful to my country it is, considering that the oposition leaders are going around telling people that Chogm is only going to benefit the president who is going to go down in history as the one in which his regime Chogm was hosted, i disagree with them coz i know Chogm is going to show case Uganda to the rest of the world,the world is going to know about our exports, our tourism industry, and am sure some one is going to tell these guys about the kony problem we have in northern uganda and may be they'll do something to help our people in the north. you remember the rebels i told you about?,yah those killers.
but most importantly it's going to display the beauty of the Pearl of Africa,and ofcourse the beautiful women we have,lol.. so,in truth,am excited about Chogm

hey,do i talk too much? i know....
ok let me stop here

talk soon
say hullo to victor

love ya

That was part of the Mail i wrote to my friend Dalia who lives in Belize

Nov 19, 2007

A 'thank you' might just win you some more!

(Location: my bed room)
(Listening to: Sade)

A friend of mine was telling me the other day how he hates women who don't appreciate shit, ESPECIALLY a good lay. According to him, if he spent the whole night making you feel good, its only fair that you give back by at least saying "thanks honey, that was great" or some like that. He hates it so much when she doesn't show any appreciation that he never wants to give her any more.
I think my boy is right. check this out- human beings naturally like to be flattered, they like to be told how smart they are, how beautiful they look, how much you like her smile, u know? if you don't believe me try telling a woman you like her dress or the way she smells and I bet you, she’ll ask you to describe what you mean and if your lucky she just might let you do it in private, preferably at your place.
I met this girl a few months ago and i think there is some thing wrong with her manners, either she dint go through good schools or the problem is with the people who raised her my friend