Aug 17, 2007

Life is short....enjoy yo motherfuckin' life

Good evening ladies and gentle men,wat apleasure to be here.

Am just here to remind every one that life is shot,
you've got to enjoy yo motherfuckin' life,....enjoy yo motherfuckin' life, stop being ungreatful all the time,
you've got to be happy about yo life. if God din't bless you with acrysler300 pliz stop saying shit.
walking around sayin' his car looks like alawn cart. no bro... it looks like acrysler300!
The fucked up part is that it looks likes alawn cart untill some one pushing alawn cart pulls up-then u act like yo blind and go queit.

Am just saying,... you gotta be happy about yo life.
we all know some people are often too hard, come on -you can't be hard all the time,7 o'clock in the godamn morning and these guys are angry- wait aminute man are u gang banging at breakfast bro? iknow 50cent made it real cool to be shot. let me tell you.i've been shot before and there aint nothing cool about it.when i got shot-there wasn't any music playing,ain't no bitches coming over,...nothing!
The pesky part is that when i got shot i wasn't even aware.
i was out side the club watching some niggas- am like...look at these crazy ass niggas fighting,...oh that nigga got agun... it better be good and then BAAM!
wait aminute jesus...pimp down pimp down bitch get the car...this is bull shit...i can't even feel my gon black out am gon black out... am out...!

Am just saying,... life is shot ladies,
yo'all need to stop stressing all the motherfuckin' time. u need to understand that if yo not the shit to you, then yo not the shit to any fuckin' body else. you need to understand that and just deal with it.
We are tired of you getting in relationship with us en blaming us for shit we ain't even in control of.
talkin' to me telling me you fucked up my self esteem- bitch its called self esteem, its esteem of yo motherfuckin' self. how the fuck can i fuck up how you feel about you????
(don't get mad coz am calling you bitches-am only calling you bitches coz i don't know yo names individually)

Am just sayin',...ladies you gotta be the shit to you.
some of you stress entirely too fuckin' much about shit that men don't even care about. like tha colour on yo finger and toe nails.
never in the history of men has aman been getting ready to fuck awoman and change his mind coz his finger nails and toe nails din't match
NEVER,never has aman been putting on acondom and then- bitch is that blue en black? i won't, ican't do it, i can't am out of here.NEVER!
You be worrying about things that don't even matter,
Some of you women have kids en now you've got stretch marks.
now you walk around the house bitter blaming the kids, showing the kids yo high school pictures- look wat you did to me!

ladies if yo man is mad about yo stretch marks, i suggest that you stop fuckin' with bitch ass men. i think you should look around for real men like ME who say we have no time to squall en worry bout no simple shit like stretch marks.
bitch i know that either they came from one or two things.
either you wer big en got small or you were small en got big....either way am fucking

life is too shot thats all the fuck am saying.
ladies, you gotta start taking responsibilty for yo own miserable lives.
if yo over 25years and still walk around talkin' sayin' men ain't shit... bitch you need to grow the fuck up from yo irresponsible ass....what you ment to say was that, all the men you fuck with ain't shit- thats right...
you need to figure out what it is about yo pussy that keeps attracting ain't shit men...might be ain't shit pussy!

Am just saying,... life is shot thats all am saying-u gotta enjoy yo motherfackin' life

You gotta be happy for what ever the fuck you've got right now you don't know what the fuck may happen.


Aug 16, 2007

i'm coming home

(location: jobe)
(mood: oba how)
(listening to: what you are-lionel richie)

Looking back
I can see the things
I should have done, could'a done
I see so much of my life I let go by

when you're young
All you know how to do is wrong

Life can play tricks sometimes
You think you got everything
When you've got nothing at all

The only way you know where you're going
You gotta take a fall
You've got to lose it all

I've been through love
I've been through pain
Changes in my life
Now I know what's meaningful

Looking back
I hear my family calling me
All my friends and loves I let go by
They wanted me to stay
But I was on a journey

There are so many faces
There are so many stories
But when I opened my eyes I had to realise
There's only one place to go

Through all the things that I've been through
There's only one thing left to do
This time am sure
This time I'm gonna get it right...uh huh

I'm coming home


Aug 14, 2007 what should i call this one?

(location: work)
(mood: bored)
(listening to: what awonderful world) here,

wishing i had credit to call up my mum for aloan
i haven't paid up the last one she gave me i know,ba......we'll talk! she's agood listener and understands when dude is bust.

think i should just head for the front desk seats en catch up on some Big brother

hope boss doesn't find me.
speaking of bigbrother, irealy think the ugandan chick is fine
her first appearance in the house depicted otherwise tho', i mean, honestly the way she came in,if u watched.....weak!
besides her first days in the house were quiet.she kinda made me give up on her ba now i have faith in her bringing home them dimes.
by the way, am predicting achau in the house, who is with me on this one???........
i swear i see maxwell taking down lerato

time check

its lunch time

now i think i've found some thing to do,....yo damn right eat!
but then i need to first figure out the cheapest eating place around here
the last thing i need is to burgain for kimele at maama boys kafunda today, her waitresses already hate me for my showy demeanours.
coz u know how abrother be's when he has 'some'? no doubt i let them all know that nzewulila (am fertile)

ok, now major hunger has started placing,gotta go

some body help me with a title pliz!


Aug 13, 2007

fuckin' english words

on my way from work last friday,i was listening in on my favourate radio station radio onewhen i heard one of the presenters trying to tell the listeners about some thing he had been watching on television the previous night.
while speaking to yvonne, jemmy went like- last night i was watching terrestrial television and bla bla, soon as he was done yvone asked him what the heck he ment by terrestrial t.v and all that time iwas also trying to figure out wat he was talking about. so he explained to her that it was t.v whose waves pass through satelite bla bla which took him about 5minutes to do.when he was done explaining i realised that this guy was actually saying he had been watching NTV the previous night.
On hearing Ntv, the person i had with me in the car wondered why Mr presenter couldn't just say ".......i was watching Ntv....", may be then he would save her from his "i know english bullshit."

that cues me to the time i was watching CNN.
folks!....from me to you
Americans (let me not Generalise) Mr bush is some fucked up brother.

some body tell me what the fuck Americans are still doing in Iraq if they've killed every body?? ahh.
the only thing i like about these guys is that they are bullies men.
they don't give ashit,
i think they be watching these guys on CNN and go like..... say our name bitch say it,say it say it 3times en see if i don't come over there and kill every body.
if you don't believe americans are gangsters tell me what the Iraq uniform looks like.....................don't worry i'll wait!
you ain't never seen it haven't u?
cuz these guys ain't killing the Army, they are killing them. they are over there killing every goddamn body wearing kanzus and caps shouldn't have said shit
Americans are so.....i don't even know the fuckin' word.
They get on the news and act like we don't even know they are killing real(innocent)people.
They will never get on the news and say today, we killed 10 men, 6 women, and 2 children. They use words we can't readily i dentify, we killed agroup of insurgents
am home watching the news but i don't understand wat the fuck they are saying.
i just think to my self, i don't even know those motherfuckin insurgents,kill them all for all i care. i don't have any (1) insurgent friend.

smart bullying mother fuckers ain't they?


Aug 10, 2007


Any day above ground is ablessing - thanx be to God.

Aug 9, 2007

ladies and gentle men

wsap? pissed off men,

just got me anew place men
i hate ma neighbours men.

i got neighbours that borrow shit all the time

have u ever had aneighbour,that borrow yo shit, en kip it so long
u have to borrow it back?

can u imagine she asks me for proof if am gon return the shit
the other day i had to remind her that that was my godamn broom.

that aint all men

i got rats en roches like creeps en blood men
they crowl en make noise all the time

i come from work en start breaking off fights between them........(come on roch let it go let it go let it goooo, it ain't worth it)

men they be answering ma door,
talking on my fone wont click over!

people tell me they call in en are told that......that mothf***er don't live here, edd who???

my roches are smart too men, they play dead.
the other day i stepped on one of them, went to the kitchen to get some tissue, came back that mothf***er was gone.
i saw him two weeks later with some stitches
the dude told me he was too legit to quit.

and this all comes after my mum threw me out of the house men

have u ever noticed that wen yo in school u ar yo mammas' baby?
ba wen u graduate, yo that nigga walking around the house.

but its alright atleast am out of that place.
i'll neva forget back then wen having sex with my gal friend was always tricky
especially cuz i always had to listen out for my mum.

one time i was handling my bizness right?
but i had to listen out for my mum, so i told the gal,.... isaid baby, u gon have to shut the f* up coz i'v got to listen out for my mum.

psssshshhs......ithought i heard some.
so i jumped off,looked thru the key hole, but there was non........damn. mum doesn't come home before 6. ....told her there was nothing en went back 'in'.

one time my mum cought me men, it was fucked up
i was handling my bizness right?
i mean, i was on the floor but the bed was shaking!
(yeah,thats how bad i iam)
i was in my bedroom when she came in en went straight for the kitchen
then she started calling out for me
she shouted,edd....wat are u doing?
isaid,.................... .nothing mama
she said, ...............come here boy
isaid, .....................mama am cuming
she said,............... i said come here boy
isaid,......................mama am cumiiiiingg
she said,............... hurry up
isaid am trying if u would shut the f* up

................then i came.

chris turker