Sep 25, 2007


(listening to: careless whispers-GM)

I picked up abad habbit afew days ago and now am really worried
i don't like putting on my pyjamas before i go to bed lately, i enter my sack raw, as in ...with nara.
I think thats the reason why junior is very sensitive lately, i mean, he acts funny,
gets excited at small things like women in jeans.
Am asking my self if juniors sudden change of behaviour is coz of his maturity or boredom. i know he has not been getting much action lately ba...his pushing abrother.

For along time,junior had been avery polite young boy untill he started going to alzawadi on wednesday nights during hollidays,thats were he picked up this Socially incorrect behaviour of "over getting exicited" after senior started drooling at young girls shaking things their mommas had undoubtedly shared with them.

The other day, i bumped into this old girl friend of mine(girl friend as in-old friend from high school) and as soon as we hugged like this, junior went vatamatogopistastic (don't bother looking it up) u should have been there, i sudated!...i had to pocket very first and convince him not to embarrass me.
luckily the chick din't notice none,otherwise.....

When i told afriend of mine about juniors immoral behaviour, he told me that i should be happy junior is this sensitive,that actually there are people who reach acertain age and they can't actually....u know, salute!

Am happy for juniour,yes i am. the only problem is that he just basts out in excitement so disrespectively with out permission.
I mean, normally when aman detects a potential prospect, his brain communicates to the other part of his body(i don't know how), then they mutually agree to form a partnership were one does the convincing (zozoling) and thats me, and then the other does the penetrating(read entering) but junior has failed to honour these small rules and instead wants to finish before even starting.
I need help!

Sep 20, 2007

o.j simpson

O.j simpson is as of now afree man after spending three days in prison.
He was charged with 11 felonies stemming from an alleged robbery last week in a Las Vegas hotel and could spend the rest of his life in prison if convicted.
his attorney says simpson will plead NOT GUILTY to all charges on october 22nd

Simpson and others are accused of entering a room in the Palace Station Hotel and Casino and pointing guns at two men -- Alfred Beardsley and Bruce Fromong -- as they took sports memorabilia, along with Fromong's cell phone and Beardsley's cap and sunglasses

I say o.j is stupid, coz, with the bad history that he has, getting himself connected to anything that could get his black ass back to them court rooms was dumb.

The police have called it an armed robbery.
Am not saying o.j is guilty, i mean,... i don't know, i wasn't there but....he should have thought long and hard before he picked that gun up en called his boys to pay Bruce and Alfred that visit!

Sep 15, 2007

look what i found

Sep 14, 2007

Golden Oldies

[location: work]
[mood: done]
[listening to: there u are-sam salter]

i just got my self ASAM SALTER cd, men this brother is tight!

i've been listening to lots of music lately en i've come to close that its true music changes by day, which am not sure is agood thing. forexample these days half the stuff these guys sing don't have any meaning, especially rap music. u may happen to have heard this guy called lil jon,his type of music is called crank music, man that shit don't make any damn sense,all they ever talk about is bitches,whores,cars,bling bling and those boys make sure they show it off in their videos(videos-the only good thing about these songs)
rap music or i don't know wat they call it has cought up in kenya, yes am talking bout CMB prezzo(cash money brothers)and his boys. men these guys know just how to swing their hands, i have afriend of mine who got slapped by AY when they wer shooting acertain video.
and now there is double bed mazongoto
my kenyan friend shu likes dancing to mazongoto,which am sure she doesn't know wat it means.
that guy had beef with his own bed,en he gon tell us?? come on now yo'll......

but let me tell you somethin ladies and gentlemen an old skool brother!
if you ain't old skool,my friend.....u don't know wats happening.
that is not saying anything against hip hop. its just that am old skool by adollar and am not converting over

you know wat hip hop doesnt do? hip hop dont sing about love no more, en with out love bro...,yo lacking MAJOR shit in yo life. am talking about these punk ass guys who walk around telling every one bout all the women they'v got. if yo not in love my friend....u done missed the whole ship.
see, like i said, am oldies to the bottom of my heart. ilike old music u know. when music was music then. there song back then as soon as you hear it yo ass just lights up.

I've been really trying now baby....
Trying to hold back this feeling for so long...
And if you feel like I feel...
Come on...

Let's get it on...

damn!these guys .....s@%#!

am sure you all agree with me when isay that kisses in the moonlight is the best love song of all times! don't u?

...........You'll hold me in your arms
So tenderly...
I only want a taste
Of your sweet, sweet, ooh

Oh, kisses in the moonlight, sugar
That would make this night complete
There have got to be
Oh, kisses in the moonlight, sugar
Fly away with me
Oh, fly away with me...

you?? i mean... gwe??
this song just makes abrother want to mek love like NOW

now first chill, do you know that Barry whites music is recommended when making love?
you don't wana play that guy's cd in office. i swear the tea gal will look like katie holmes.

Barry white(RIP) had avoice that wenever i play COME ON i get so many ideas that only aqualified sheikh could come me down,am talking bout aserious prayer men.(my pants think its ok to point wen barry says-come on come on come on gal,come here baby.....i can't stand it,i can't take much mo,the way u dance ohh baibe,u move yo body like yo teasing me, ohh yeah babe, auhh babe. uuuh i love u day en nite am with you wrong or right, i'll keep u satisfied coz satisfaction's

then if you wanna dance feel free to drop in
cameos CANDY or teddy pendergrass' JOY, or get FRESH with cool and the gang in THE HOUSE THAT JACK BUILT(jt taylor) but make sure that no one brings PRESSURE coz billy ocean says so, or even CRITICISE coz alexander o'neal and colonel abram don't want u to get TRAPPED.they want you to just be cool,call yo gang and GET DOWN ON IT.don't forget to ask them "watchu gonna do? do u wanna get down?"

its just like raggea music men, those dreadlocked people too know wat music is, they always have an issue going on,acause, before stepping on the microphone. like bob marley on that REDEMPTION song, it was indeed another song of freedom, then AFRICA UNITE, bob too knew sometin about love, listened to WAITING IN VAIN? tight!
am not such araggea fun but i sure know when to change the cd to some raggea when mims starts telling everyone why he thinks he's hot.

before i go, i want to pay my respect to the boy tevin, TEVIN CAMPBELL was ready and wanted to talk coz of this girl that was always in his heart, am talking bout the brown eyed girl.
apparently melani admits(on air) that she had acrash on tevin, wonder if she still does.

my oldies list

George benson`
Ray parker jnr
Teddy pendergrass
Stevie wonder
Luther vandross
Julio eglesias
Marvin gaye
Billy ocean
Nilli vannille
Phil collins
Lionel richie
Lenny williams
Barry white
5 temptation
Aretha franklin

old skool

ll cool juma
The lost boys
Born thugs & harmony
Eric bennet
salt en pepper
Queen latifah
Queen pen
Naughty b Nature
Sam salter
Snoop dogg
Dela soul
R kelly
Black street not back street

some one tell me were mark anthony and sade fit

Sep 11, 2007

the ultimate attraction

(location: job)
(mood: fantasy land)
(listening to roots,musiq break u off)

who says getting up every day to go to work en you don't find much work at the office is bad??
i say no. it ain't...matter of fact its sooo kawa.

now here is my days story
i spent almost the entire day charting to afriend of mine but most importantly (yes most importantly)i spent the whole day checking out cars on the internet.
and if you are good to me i might drop some for you to check out
.....................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................good boys en girls.

check this out

now this is aM@%#*RF@%*#*G JAGUAR

am gon be driving this wen am 25, yes 25 thats according to the fantasy i had wen checkin them out, en u know fantasies are not restricted to reality,meaning i might get, no hellen u can't be my friend, said no...NO

thats abently... aF@#%*N bently.
now, am worried, very worried i tell you.
how am i gone drive this thing in this kampala here of ours, where every body is ahater ahh, come on richard u know you are. but i don't give ashit!! no i dont, am gon bring it to tawu. yep,tonight when i go to bed be sure to see me cruise that baby rite there.

ho ho ho ho......

white m@$*%fuck&*s
how do they know how to shape these things so distinctively that am left with no choice but to fall in love

i love you sweetheart, i love u so much, i think about you aaaallll the time. when am chilling, when am drinking, when am studying, when am working.....its you baby.
come on sugar,why don't you let me ride you? i promise i'll be gentle with you,i'll be tender,smooth en warm with you,i'll let you choose which position you want,will service you even before yo ready,i'll take you to ex ex exccstatasy i swear i will. just give me achance. pliz....(sobs) u like to see abig boy cry don't you(sobs...sobs)

Sep 7, 2007


The sunlight danced accross her body as lightening flashed
i knew God had to be angry

couse she was mine and i was hers
but only for that moment

just as the sun interupted the moon
i knew that every thing would end

and so would we
we both were...

apart of another family.