Oct 24, 2007

keep talking!

{location:some cafe}

08:43pm @ campus: drizzling
heaven comes running and enters car

eddsla: hey
heaven hey, wasap?
eddsla: fuckin’ rain. that’s wat is up
Been waiting here half an hour where’ve you been
heaven; it was adouble lecture, sorry, forgot to tell you
eddsla: whatever
heaven: how was yo day?
eddsla: great. you?
heaven: ahh, the usual, interviews, reading, writing… u know?
eddsla; bambi, u’ll b fine don’t worry.
heaven: what are you talkin’ bout?
eddsla: I mean, sorry bout yo life,…it’s boring.
heaven: pssh, whatever men. talked to yo supervisor yet?
eddsla: he’s still showing off, you know how they be, talking bout how busy his schedule is and shit. I don’t think, …ahh, I mean, I think…I don’t like that guy. He seems to be on a mission to delay me on campus. can you imagine some kids from my high school who used to be so many classes below me, am talking kids who used to clean my plate after meals and wash my clothes have joined campus. and actually, there is some one going around telling them am doing medicine, can u imagine? mbu that’s why am still in school after all these years. I swear to God heaven if I get that fool. I’ll make news.
Promise me you’ll convince those guys to put me on front page of bukedde with YAMUSSE as headline
heaven: come down sla, I suggest you do some thing about yo dissertation instead of threatening people, that way you’ll be able to show the whole world that indeed you don’t intend to be a doctor but a rolex maker
eddsla: you might want to watch yo mouth heaven.
heaven: ‘annoying japes’
eddsla: I would not give a shit about this whole bunk but this fuckin’ kid. This …this small gobshite I overheard telling the other that “he walks amongst us but he’s not one of us” can u imagine?
heaven: I like that kids description of you, fits pretty well.
eddsla: very funny
heaven: look there, segawa!
eddsla: cute!
heaven: excuse me
eddsla: he…he’s handsome
heaven: sla???
eddsla: what?
heaven: hmmn, ok, is there some thing I should know about you, right now?
eddsla: (looking around) like what?
heaven: like yo sexuality?
eddsla: ahh
heaven: like, …are you into women or men?
eddsla: you like to see my horns don’t you?
heaven: umn
eddsla; heaven
heaven: oh my God, yo gay!
eddsla: I swear am… whatever…
heaven: laughing

long silence

eddsla: I din’t even like yo article yesterday- window shopping, pshh, what the hell was that any way?
heaven: what it was? well, should I say… yo segawa thingie earlier is the gay version. where you should be looking at women, for you yo checking out men.
eddsla: you really think yo funny heaven
say another word en I swear yo walking home in this pour.
heaven: am….
eddsla: am am shut up!
heaven: laughs out annoyingly loud
eddsla: increases volume on radio
nodding, enjoying ”its like candy by caramel”

afew minutes later:
heaven: ohh, by theway, I’ve got something for you, I don’t know if you’ll like it
eddsla: what?
heaven: goes for her hand bag/ traveling bag; very big.
there you go! from the pages of the Sunday vision
eddsla: no, yo kidding me, Ernest bazanye’s WORST IDEA!
opens, autographed? yo the woman! no, he’s the MAN. “bazanye is the fuckin’ man!”
thanx heaven.

kasita ofuna worst idea kibaluma
buli kalungi ko’funa kibaluma

Baz, I love the book

Oct 4, 2007

what aday!

(beef with:boss)
(want to kill:boss)
(listening to:there's ahole in the bucket-harry belafonte&odeta)

Its aregular day in Kampala

Birds are singing,
Taxies are hooting,
Crackheads are smoking,
Dogs are barking,
Thieves are plotting,
Beggars are tapping,
Bosses are chillin',letting out,passing wind (read-fatting)
eddsla is vexed

Nothing is really happening!