Nov 28, 2007

till then

Ladies and Gentlemen, am sorry to inform you that the writer will be away from technology for some time. any inconviniences are highly regreted. yours management.

Exam time
Dude gotta pass

Nov 20, 2007

part of letter to afriend.

....yes, try registered mail i'm sure its safer.

and yah,will be there.

oh, by the way, Dal,did i tell you the whole world is here?,in my country? i think even yo president is coming,that's if you guys are among the common wealth countries.

i'm happy about it coz my city looks clean now,unlike before,they have sooo cleaned up, no street kids, no beggers, the roads are smooth,the green...its beautiful. you know how you clean up the living room when yo expecting visitors but the other rooms in the house and back yard are like shit,yah...thats what is happening here. the city is mwhaa... we are expecting 53 heads of states with Queen Elizabeth II as the guess of honour,i have to be on the streets and see this powerful 81 year old woman when she comes today. can't miss i tell you,what will i tell my kids? that i missed the only chance to see the Queen,how?

every one is ready for Chogm,prostitutes too,they are so ready they have hiked the fares,yep,they bought new mini skirts,new lotions,lip stick i hear they have even stocked on tablets for high bloodpressure,just in case the big bellied boys over 'do' and get an attack,there is remedy at the scene.
it explains why there is no more cheap service lately(i hear).
we have asaying in my language that "atalina sente tafumita kyindaazi" meaning-the one who doesn't have enough money doesn't point at the best Donut. they pick for him,has no say on whether he likes it or not. a no choice kinda situation,you know what am saying. so,it seems 'it's' only going to be for dem high-ups who will afford 'it'.

i think so far am loving the whole Chogm thing that's going,i am a "come on in" kinda guy,you know,i like visitors,new people around,people of different colors,people from different parts of the world,all gathering here in my city ah,good thing i tell you, though i don't know how succesful it is going to be,or how helpful to my country it is, considering that the oposition leaders are going around telling people that Chogm is only going to benefit the president who is going to go down in history as the one in which his regime Chogm was hosted, i disagree with them coz i know Chogm is going to show case Uganda to the rest of the world,the world is going to know about our exports, our tourism industry, and am sure some one is going to tell these guys about the kony problem we have in northern uganda and may be they'll do something to help our people in the north. you remember the rebels i told you about?,yah those killers.
but most importantly it's going to display the beauty of the Pearl of Africa,and ofcourse the beautiful women we have,lol.. so,in truth,am excited about Chogm

hey,do i talk too much? i know....
ok let me stop here

talk soon
say hullo to victor

love ya

That was part of the Mail i wrote to my friend Dalia who lives in Belize

Nov 19, 2007

A 'thank you' might just win you some more!

(Location: my bed room)
(Listening to: Sade)

A friend of mine was telling me the other day how he hates women who don't appreciate shit, ESPECIALLY a good lay. According to him, if he spent the whole night making you feel good, its only fair that you give back by at least saying "thanks honey, that was great" or some like that. He hates it so much when she doesn't show any appreciation that he never wants to give her any more.
I think my boy is right. check this out- human beings naturally like to be flattered, they like to be told how smart they are, how beautiful they look, how much you like her smile, u know? if you don't believe me try telling a woman you like her dress or the way she smells and I bet you, she’ll ask you to describe what you mean and if your lucky she just might let you do it in private, preferably at your place.
I met this girl a few months ago and i think there is some thing wrong with her manners, either she dint go through good schools or the problem is with the people who raised her my friend

Nov 18, 2007

am single

is this true

"By persistently remaining single a man converts himself into a permanent public temptation"

Nov 6, 2007

Nov 5, 2007

fair well to our oldies radio and club DJ

Wilfred Bangirana

Bangi as commonly know is Dead.

His death is such aterrible loss to all of us and especially the ugandan entertainment industry.
I was very sad when i first heard the shocking news of my most loved radio presenter but now i know i shouldn't be sad becouse the man lived his life and has left us with alot to remember about him.

I remember one time when i went with my uncle to the disco for the oldies night where Bangi played and the guy refused leave the dance floor becouse to him, Bangi had taken him back to them days when they were still young and energetic,where getting off the floor would only be when the bouncers were asking them to get out coz it was time to close.

I never knew Bangi personally but i know he was agood man who am told had a warm loving heart for every one and was so down to earth.
Bangi is one of those people who made me love old music and for that reason i never missed his wind down zone programme on sanyu fm becouse he always knew what to play, its as if the guy knew exactly what i wanted to listen to.

He is nolonger with us but he's with us every other way and will always be in our memories.
may his soul rest in eternal peace.

Am going to miss you Bangi!

Nov 2, 2007

whats the plot dude? women, learn to ask

A friend of mine went into acertain company in that side of town best known in some circles as the coporate area. am talking about that side of town where serena,mtn,stanbic and others are placed.

Now,my boy had gone to clear company bills and according to him, he thinks he was mistaken to be 'the boss'. i forgot to say that my friend can be bossy some times and i think that explains why it happened.
When he was done handing the dimes to the chick at the counter, before walking out he had to wait for his receipt which apparently takes about 5minutes to process. thats when he started asking the chick when they would be reconnected and was told that it would be as soon as that receipt was processed of which he refused to accept saying mbu he knows that they normally take long to reconnect. thats when the chick asked him that if he liked,he could write down her number and give her acall in case he got back to office and the thingie was not yet on,that may be she would help.
kati now thats where the problem is- the service provider clearly (with out doubt or question) put in place acertain number that one could use if they are in asituation they say mbu is With regard to temporal order, and i think its even on the receipt. so, i expect this chick of all people to know that. considering ofcouse the fact that she works there.

me and my boy think or is it know that- the chick wanted plot for the evening and saw no better way to ask the dude.
did he call yo asking?...i did!