Nov 19, 2007

A 'thank you' might just win you some more!

(Location: my bed room)
(Listening to: Sade)

A friend of mine was telling me the other day how he hates women who don't appreciate shit, ESPECIALLY a good lay. According to him, if he spent the whole night making you feel good, its only fair that you give back by at least saying "thanks honey, that was great" or some like that. He hates it so much when she doesn't show any appreciation that he never wants to give her any more.
I think my boy is right. check this out- human beings naturally like to be flattered, they like to be told how smart they are, how beautiful they look, how much you like her smile, u know? if you don't believe me try telling a woman you like her dress or the way she smells and I bet you, she’ll ask you to describe what you mean and if your lucky she just might let you do it in private, preferably at your place.
I met this girl a few months ago and i think there is some thing wrong with her manners, either she dint go through good schools or the problem is with the people who raised her my friend


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